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Reward for video How to get a bonus

$ 0.003107

DOGE: 0.0030500-30500 DOGE every 240 minutes.

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курс обмена – популярный сервис по подбору выгодных обменных пунктов электронных валют, который поможет вам производить свои обмены безопасно и с минимальными потерями на комиссиях.

Please check the balance on FaucetHub manually. Thanks you.

Great News! After the timer ends on the bonus tab (within 1 hour) a QR code will be released, having scanned it, you can get a nice bonus.

We are pleased to inform you that in addition to Dogecoin Faucet, we have Ethereum Faucet, which is great news! In the vote, the majority of votes were for Ethereum and we are very happy about it, you can see more on the voting page: New Bonus. New Ethereum Faucet available at:


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You’re out of luck? Perhaps your referral will be lucky. You will receive 50% of his reward.

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InCryptoView gives you a chance to win the Grand prize of 30500 DOGE.  Every 4 hours, you can try your luck and most likely you will be lucky.

How much can I get?

Minimum: 0.00305000 DOGE.

Jackpot: 30500 DOGE.


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