1. General Provisions.

1.1 By Registering, you agree to these rules in full. Registration and use of the service by persons who do not agree to follow these rules is prohibited.

1.2 The Administration of the project is not responsible for any damage caused to you as a result of using this service.

1.3 Any appeal to moderators or users that have obscene content or are offensive in nature will be ignored. In case of a repetition of the incident, your account will be blocked.

1.4 Administration does not transfer personal information of users to third parties. However, if the user’s involvement in illegal activities (including fraud, distribution of child pornography, etc.) is established, the Administration reserves the right to notify the relevant authorities, with the transfer of the necessary personal data to the offender.

2. Publication.

2.1 Publication is allowed absolutely in any language.

2.2 In the event that the name contains errors or not clear meaning, the moderators have the right to correct or delete the topic.

2.3 If you talk about your project, then write about it specifically, in the case of spam, your account will be blocked.

2.4 If you need to add any widget from our site, please refer to this topic: Widgets

2.5 Articles and the like should not be copied from other websites! For all actions, only you are responsible.

3. Account.

3.1 In case of violation of these rules by the user, the user’s account is blocked without warning and explanation.

3.2 Avatar should abide by moral ethics, should not have pornographic images, drugs and the like.

3.3 Nickname should not contain insults, names of drugs and the like.

3.4 Want to delete your account? Write us the reason for the removal to the mail [email protected]


The rules came into force 27.05.19


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